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Bad Girl VIP is a network of sites, a collection of solo babes that have come together to form a massive amount of smut. If you were to visit you would only see a listing of half the sites that are actually in the member’s area, which is really quite odd. Why they haven’t kept it updated is beyond me but you shouldn’t let that get you down. There are 42 sites in the Bad Girl Fans network and each features a solo babe doing her best to arouse you. Each site features the same design and it’s lacking and overloaded with ads, unfortunately. I guess they feel like charging you $30 per month isn’t quite enough. They have almost every type of white girl here (there are no fat chicks and ethnic babe are almost entirely ignored) so whatever your particular desires may be you should find them satisfied among this large collection of hot content. Do you like teens with big tits or enormous tits? They have both. How about teens with slim bodies and small tits? They have those too. There are blondes, brunettes, redheads and even a few raven haired babes. – Visit “Bad Girl VIP”

Score: 60.0%

My favorite redhead is Amber Andrews. She has everything a man could want with a slim body, perky tits, long hair and alabaster skin. She’s also quite fond of lingerie. Melissa Monroe is the typical bleach blonde babe and her tits are so perky your jaw will hit the floor when you see them. Brandy DDD has tits whose size matches her name and Pixie has natural boobs that feel just like a pillow under your head. Each girl has picture galleries and videos but sometimes they don’t really deliver in the way you would hope. – Visit “Bad Girl VIP”

Some of the sites were really underdeveloped. For instance, Rachel Ricci has only nine picture sets and three videos. That’s not really a site so much as it is a small part of a much larger site. In fact, if you think about almost all the sites within the Bad Girl Fans network like that you’ll probably enjoy it a heck of a lot more. They all have different elements of excellence for you to appreciate and they get off on showing them to you. Before we go any further you should be notified of the fact that on the join page they go ahead and sign you up for two other memberships unless you uncheck the boxes. That’s a nasty little habit on their part. – Visit “Bad Girl VIP”

Bonus Content

Each babe has also produced videos although in many cases they’re simply filmed versions of the photo shoots and are thus almost entirely useless. My feeling is they shouldn’t even bother uploading the videos if they’re of that caliber. However, some of the girls give you their full attention on video and those are the ladies we like best. Pixie’s Pillows features videos like that as do several other sites. There are negatives to the Bad Girl Fans network but when it comes down to it you’re not going to find a much better deal in regards to solo babes. This much content simply isn’t available for this price anywhere else.